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The Next Day …

The Next Day …
March 20, 2020 Focusing in Focus

Dear friends,

I focused yesterday with a listener on Zoom. We both focused and some very profound crossings appeared. Let me share, let me write it out so it has words to it.

On my turn to focus I sensed how am I carrying all that is happening. The whole known world has changed. It feels like there is nothing solid to grab on. Nothing.
Yet it is not fear I felt. It felt different. Although it “looks like” the end of the world as we know it, that was not what may felt sense was bringing me. Confusing, splintered, unknown, were the words that I could describe it.

An image started to form.

I am searching to grab on something and it seems like there is nothing to grab on. I want something that is solid. It feels slimy kind of, water all around me. Slimy? Well it was more like flood water that is muddy and dirty and is carrying all kinds of stuff with it – like branches and foam and dirt… and a wooden chair floating in and out of fast moving debris, scrap, waste, discarded materials. That is how it felt. Somehow that water – fast moving water – is taking away what is not used or appreciated or is outgrown? Maybe? And I am looking if there might be something solid to grab on. And I know all that is in the water is too loose, not attached to anything disorganized and half visible.

Then it continued … what is in the water fast moving is not something I can grab for safety because it doesn’t make sense, it doesn’t belong together to make some kind of sense. Something new needs to be created in order to produce some kind of stability for me. But what’s that? Can not imagine it is even possible.

And I paused

Well what started to come in – it is implied, but not yet retrieved. Or maybe not yet claimed. It is possible, but not yet probable. Gene came to my mind big time teaching something that I teach now too.To give you an idea it sounds like this – “Universe found you (the one who is noticing something that got your attention), like a matching possibility, for something that is ready to be added to the world. It does not exist as such yet, only in your felt sense of present situation. And if you ignore it, it will not be created the way “you” have it, this possibility will die with you. And if you respond to a stimuli or prod, or woo of possibility, you can co create with the universe something that has not yet existed yet – in the way you have it. If that is so – this becomes probable.” My word changed from “possible” to “probable”.

The water changed eventually and became less palpable.

As my Focusing partner shared “new structure has occurred into our implying*”. Yes, new something is occurring globally into our personal and global implying. And there is a felt sense that each one of us carries it uniquely. What a wealth of new possibilities. The world we know is changing by the minute – actually transforming was the word that came from crossing.

And towards the end of my session the word “possible” was not good enough any more. The word “probable” was more fitting. If we take what occurred to us all, each to our own edge of awareness – the change for a new and better can be probable for all.

*Eugene T. Gendlin Implicit Precision page 5
Implying and occurring are two interdependent functions that create one process. Instead of body and environment being two things, let us distinguish between implying and occurring and spell out how their functions require each other.

Focusing is amazing. Thank you Gene.