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Exploring the Spiritual in Focusing

Have you ever experienced a sense of gratitude for something meaningful you suddenly discovered? Or notice some synchronicity occurring and wondered how it came about? Have you received unexpected help just when you really needed it? Was that the time you first started to believe that maybe there is something bigger or more powerful than your own environment – like a transcendent reality perhaps? Some people even call this “spiritual.”

People who discover Focusing often quickly associate it with spirituality-related practices like meditation, prayer, worship, mindfulness, synchronicity, intuition and similar. They ask if there is a spiritual dimension in body that can be explored through felt sensing in Focusing. I say yes it can be found if you are ready to receive it. 

The Body’s search for Spirit

If you wish to learn, explore and experience this approach based on BioSpiritual Focusing  your inner exploration and your prayer will open in many unexpected ways.

In this 6 session course you will study topics that are designed to help you search how your body is a bridge that connects you to a bigger BODY.  You notice suddenly that you are in touch  with a transcending reality that opens new possibilities and gifts.

  • You will experience the attitude of Caring-Feeling-Presence, which can help you to be in a gentle contact with all your life issues.
  • You will learn the ‘art of dwelling’ which enables you to feel connected to a source of new information and new energy.
  • You will learn and practice a way of paying attention which can keep you connected to your larger self.
  • You will be introduced to BioSpiritual  Focusing steps that include spiritual awareness.
  • You will feel supported in cultivating new ways of prayer and connecting with higher power.


(This program is equivalent to Focusing 1A of Nada’s Focusing  program)

The Body’s Search for Spirit link to Vimeo