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Think Different (TAE)

Come and discover a new way of talking and thinking while speaking from your own experience. You will find yourself articulating a whole new language where your creativity intersects with your deep interests around subjects like:  private projects, artistic expressions, academic writing, personal development, family interaction, public speaking and business meetings. The words we use can stop us from further growth AND the words can also foster breakthrough to activate the dormant dreams.

Experience how your body creates fresh language from your felt sense. This transforms your thinking into new  ideas.

In a step-by-step process you will learn how to say a lot more about what you know but cannot yet fully articulate.

  • Drawing from felt sensing experientially will open up for you a multitude of ideas and wealth of fresh language to communicate your personal creative projects.
  • Learn TAE method by engaging in your own project and familiarizing yourself with TAE steps as created by Dr. Gendlin
  • You will gain ability to use with ease steps that TAE offers as building blocks (method) as Life Skills.

You will learn how to take your ideas into action.

Meet your teacher

TAE Dr. Gene Gendlin introduces Nada Lou as a teacher of TAE


I have been teaching TAE to many people in many languages. Groups and individuals I encounter in my classes are linguistically, culturally and directionally as wide-ranging as one can imagine. But one thing in common is the compelling enthusiasm awakened in each individual to express their unique ingenious potential. Why is that? It is because people come to experience how they CAN THINK from their felt sense. You can do that too. This kind of thinking is different because it comes to you at that magical EDGE where you know something that has no words to be expressed with yet. As soon as you pay special attention to it, you realize you are embracing a kernel of something powerful and unique from your own life events. TAE helps you to develop this something unique and powerful that only you carry.

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TAE TRAIL Nada teaching TAE around the world


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