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Learn Think Different (TAE)


I am offering THINK DIFFERENT (TAE) method in two MODULES


6 sessions

  • Growing Edge, Felt Sense, Languaging
  • Work in Partnership
  • Practicum

Module One is designed for people who are familiar with Focusing, but have very little or no experience with TAE. Module One is a prerequisite for Module Two.

You will have an adequate amount of time to practice and soundly ground yourself in TAE practice. You will also discover how felt sense and thinking communicate with each other in TAE.

You will be introduced to cooperative TAE partnership and enjoy its benefits.

You will work on your personal “project” with your partner.


6 sessions

  • Discovering expansions – Patterns and Crossing – ability to open out into untapped personal productivity
  • Work in Partnership
  • Practicum

In Module Two you will be learning many fine movements, elements, components and features necessary to optimally achieve and carry out work on your own project.

Out of a personal living experience that is calling for your attention, you will be able to draw the essence of its significance. With that meaning you can build, write and talk about your topic in a credible and grounded manner.

Discovering personal life patterns enable you to expand untapped distinctive meaning into productivity.

Some of Dr. Gendlin’s philosophical concepts will be explored to have a supportive cradle for further exploration.

TAE Manual



This 95 pages Manual combines theory, stories, personal experiences, and practical work sheets. It will explore some of Dr. Gendlin’s philosophy so that your TAE work will be embraced by and built on his tradition.  

It begins with a light entry introduction to TAE and the 14 Steps 

You sometimes sense that there is the Edge of your “knowing” and “not knowing yet”. This often happens in the area of your job, study, hobby, or keen interest of any kind. There is a delicate sense of excitement about it. Like a kind of holistic discomfort. You want it to be said so you try to articulate it. It may be still disorganized; words that don’t say what you mean. Yet you felt sense that it needs to be said.  

What you sense has tremendous value because it has not been said or experienced by anyone else in the same way as you have it. You know about it because your interest comes from a unique actual experience that calls for your attention.  It has a value because you know it is true and could become viable.  

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