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Learn Focusing

Focusing is a special way of sensing mind-body unity.

It is a kind of inward bodily attention that a few people have naturally, but which most people don’t yet know. It is a way of getting a body sense-we call it a felt sense-of how you are in a particular life situation. This is unclear and vague at first, but if you pay attention it will open up into words or images that often will lead to small steps of change, action and new thoughts.

It takes some instruction and guidance to learn Focusing. If you are interested to learn how I’ll be happy to guide you and teach you how to use this wonderful, healing and growing practice.

One free “taste it” session available. 
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Your excitement about discovering Focusing and how it brings positive changes to your life pulls you in direction of wanting to know and practice more about it.

For your orientation about the process of achieving your desire these instructions will help you to make yourself familiar with the ways of learning this new practice from Nada.

To begin learning from Nada you will become familiar how to do personal Focusing and how to find your felt sense. This course is called 1A. With that experience you will begin to learn how to be present in a listening way to “other” than yourself and to their felt sensing. This course is called 1B



one to one – 6 hours
group – 12 hours


one to one – 6 hours
group –  12 hours

As you experienced receiving and giving benefits of healing listening, and you wish to deepen your involvement with many others, PROFICIENCY AS FOCUSING PARTNER (PFP) training will take you there.



Prerequisite Focusing 1A and Listening 1B

With additional 6 hours of supervised practice with you will be eligible to be granted

The International Focusing Institute Proficiency as Focusing Partner (PFP) Award.

This mostly experiential work will provide you with opportunity to practice your Focusing and Listening skills with multiple partners and give you confidence to enter into Focusing Partnerships with skills and confidence.
Proficiency as Focusing Partner (PFP) Award Document will be signed by The International Focusing Institute and Nada Lou TIFI Certifying Coordinator (CC)


If you wish to continue your learning progress you are ready to start
Trainer in Training program – TNT to become Focusing Trainer and teach Focusing to others