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Gene Gendlin on Youtube: Focusing and Philosophy


FOCUSING with Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D

FOCUSING is a mode of inward bodily attention that is not yet known to most people. It differs from the usual attention we pay to feelings because it begins with the body and occurs in the zone between the conscious and the unconscious.


You live in a society in which two understandings are underneath. And one of them is that science, which is that chopped up thing that builds airplanes.

ACTIONAL MODALITY with Eugene Gendlin Ph.D.

It is really important to combine Focusing with some kind of actional modality. I get very sad, when I see people focusing and focusing and focusing and not getting to action steps.

Why Focusing Works ** FISS 2010 with Gene Gendlin and Nada Lou

Gene Gendlin discusses how the BODY is already an interaction. Out of that he explains how Focusing works and how it is possible.

Focusing, Feelings, Felt Sense, with Gene Gendlin

Dr. Gendlin clarifies the difference between feeling and felt sense and points out that Focusing is touching where “it is not clear”.

Focusing is… the murky edge

For me focusing is a fresh thing that I have to do now. So when I come into myself and I say how are you? I find certain feelings there some of them are there everyday and some of them are there only now

A communique to Focusers in Japan Nada Lou Productions

Focusing is the practice named by Dr. Gendlin. It originated from the research and insight of Dr. Eugene Gendlin, who organized the skills into a teachable practice.

Focusing Alone

Gene Gendlin answers question asked by Andy Nickolson about focusing alone. Clip from a DVD “Close Encounters with Gene. FISS 2008”

Does Focusing Give Hope?

It is perfectly true that through Focusing you’ll find hope.Through Focusing and the felt sense coming, you really discover to your own surprise that there is hope.

Focusing and Football
Exploring with Gene ** –

At 2010 FISS Dr. Gendlin offers participants the opportunity to ask questions about many, different topics. There are always more and wider subject matters that participant raise.

Mary Hendricks Gendlin Memorial

This video consist of several clips of Mary Hendricks Gendlin Ph.D. (1944-2015) prepared for the celebration of her life memorial.

Eugene T Gendlin Ph D MEMORIAL (1926-2017)

There is the absolutely best laboratory as far as we know at least, in the whole cosmos which you can have access to. It is a human being and you have that with you.

Philosophy, profiles, overlays, shadows

Gene Gendlin discusses concepts and the body, our relation to both science and the human-scaled approaches, requiring us to hold both views – to see profiles, overlays, shadows of these concepts.

I am looking forward to..

I’m looking forward to a world in which that is how we understand things. Because if we understand things that way then there’s room for each other.

“I don’t know” – what do you mean?

Excerpt from Carrying forward with Gene -FISS 2010 DVD with Gene Gendlin and Ivo Banaco
IVO Question about the Culture. And what do you mean when you say “I don’t know” … what do you mean when you say that?

Coming Home Through Focusing Listening with Eugene Gendlin Ph.D.

In this video Dr. Gendlin demonstrates and teaches Focusing by guiding one newcomer through the Focusing process. At the end of the session he discusses the process with the audience.

Distinction between Focusing and Teaching Focusing

There is a distinction between Focusing and Teaching Focusing. The Focusing belongs to the person who is Focusing. Instructions are something else. They are done by the helping person.

FOT Felt Sense, Body, Situation

I think that we discovered something. And I would like to put it right in the center of what I have to say. We discovered that a very, very slight bodily feeling, we now call it felt sense.

Peace – Our Town

I’m looking to connect us with it with what I call the other organizations that are in something like this space. And that includes ones I like and ones I don’t like. All of them. Because we, Focusing people are in the centre. We bring still another level.

Dreams open doors to Focusing Gene says…and “turtle” dream

Dream open doors to Focusing Gene says… Feelings are ambiguous. Trying to name a feeling from dream, the feeling itself resists if you try to classify it.

Nada’s Lion Dream, interpretation with Gene Gendlin

Dreams and Focusing Dreams are fascinating. Everybody dreams.

Mystery, I, Philosophy

Gene Gendlin gives a discussion with exemplars covering significance of each part of his words implicit and intricacy, first person philosophy, the mystery of each person, and of what can be known.

FINDING A SAFE PLACE – with Eugene Gendlin Ph.D.

(Participant) The question is it seems to me that one of the fundamental characteristics of being alive is not knowing. (Gene) Not knowing not knowing. Amen. Yeah. So?

What I learned from Rogers

Gene Gendlin answers a question “What did you learn from Rogers” at FISS 2006.(Question : What did you learn from Rogers?)(Gene) Oh everything! All right. Let me see. That’s nice, you give me a chance to honour my old teacher

NOW THE LITTLE POINTS – with Eugene T. Gendlin

Now I get back to little points. First I want to say I want to point to three things which people tell each other. And these things are false. At least the way most people understand them they’re false.


(Gene) I want to say let’s not have groups. Groups are very bad. So I’m gonna be more precise of course. I know four kinds of groups. The first kind

Tell people about Focusing

Okay now I want to talk a minute about my headline. It would be “Don’t make Focusing into another entity”. If you don’t know Focusing and the world doesn’t really have it yet, then it’s an entity.

Kinds of theories and Functional Wholes

Some theories, and there are many, it’s like most of them work by chopping things up into little units and then reconstructing whatever you’re thinking about in those little units. That’s a wonderful thing because it gives clarity.

Collective felt sense

(Participant asks) I work with adolescents. Because I come from this Focusing place I feel like there’s a collective felt sense and a collective felt shift in the group. I just wondered what you thought of that?

Living is always a fresh forming

What I’m going to do is I’m going to talk about the BODY. But the way I talked about the body of course changes. So all the way through from the beginning to the end it’s going to be important.