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My Relation To An Ultimate with Gene Gendlin 8:57

Creating with Creators: A Bigger Picture   10:53

FOCUSING with Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D.     12:25

Why Focusing works     11:47

Focusing Feelings Felt Sense with Gene Gendlin   4:10

Focusing is… the murky edge 6:58 

A communique to Focusers in Japan 15:05


Focusing Alone   5:02

Does Focusing Give Hope? 7:11

Focusing and Football    5:58

Mary Hendricks Gendlin Memorial   8:34

Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D. MEMORIAL   12:27

Philosophy, profiles, overlays, shadows 8:07

I Am Looking Forward To …


“I don’t know” – what do you mean?   8:01

Is Felt Sense Biological?   9:40

Coming Home Through Focusing Listening with Eugene Gendlin Ph.D.    33:22

Patience … TAE language    3:28

Distinction between Focusing and Teaching Focusing    6:22

FOT Felt Sense, Body, Situation     6:46

Peace – Our Town 3:20

Dreams open doors to Focusing Gene says…and “turtle” dream   7:24

Nada’s Lion Dream, interpretation with Gene Gendlin     16:05

Mystery, I, Philosophy 10:05

Something precious to say … Inception of TAE 1998   6:00

Finding na safe place   6:45

What I learned from Rogers     7:27

Now the little points    7:43

Groups    8:21

Tell people about Focusing


Kinds of theories and functional wholes   9:45

Collective felt sense   5:41

A glimpse on A PROCESS MODEL with Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D.    12:00

Words and phrases      2:50

Dreaming and Reality, TAE process    15:20

Living is always a fresh forming   13:40


Because it is YOU     2:30

Democracy and TAE     2:30


Coming back into conceptual structures with thinking     5:42

Likeness and Crossing   7:36

The person is there in the first place    3:54


Crossing in TAE     3:00

Make yourself a safety     4:26

Interaction first,A process model, Land we belong toI       11:30


Felt Sense has unfolding possibilities  7:15


Rogers and Gendlin about therapy      5:05