Gendlin differentiates and points out how Science and what he calls "The Living Process" are in reciprocal relation to each other. Each has their kind of ORDER.  This is how he develops his ideas:

For Science in general we have to make UNITS. He calls these "units, objects, entities, concepts, numbers, boxes.” Units are distinct - just this and not that. A doctor can diagnose an ulcer in your stomach. A meteorologist makes weather forecasts...they have “tools,” which are concepts. These are units which are organized in a logical way, so that they are reliable and stable. We use them, we need them, and we depend on them every day in our lives.

He continues by saying that his Philosophy of the Implicit can explain how those units are made, how they arise, why they work.


The LIVING PROCESS is who we are, what we live every moment, what every living thing is about. Sitting in this chair right now and reading this article - IS this "LIVING PROCESS". Living makes sense by living. This is true for every living process, every bacteria, cell, plant, animal and human being. Fresh information is derived and arises from this living process. When we Focus or Think at the Edge we are in the process of explicating from the living process.

Gene points out: "Science is made by the Living Process. We need both. When we use Science within our Living Process, we can respect Science for what it has for us – we can go to the doctor with confidence or fly in aeroplanes without being puzzled.”

Gene reflects on a very interesting idea - how Science and "The Living Process" are in reciprocity. He says: "There is a reciprocity between what is already in boxes/units and the living process that produces more than that." Scientific concepts periodically come to a point that makes them unreliable or inadequate. He brings an example of research on cholesterol - how scientific data is constantly changing and is periodically being overhauled with new research and discoveries.

The way I understand this - some concepts, rules, units, that worked for a while (were in a scientific box) - begin not to work so well anymore, because the concept of it has been overridden by new observations, different research, inadequate results, life! Such things may stay stuck for years. The world was believed to be flat for a long time until we were able to conceive of it as it is - round! Where does our conception of something new come from? From OUR Living Process Gene says. How does it come? We know that it comes, among others, with Focusing and TAE. From the Living Process.

When it comes, it changes the existing concept into a new concept that never existed before as such. These will become  understood, classified and organized in a way we can use them in the Living Process. Then the Living Process absorbs these new scientific units and again it brings/implies freshly. This goes back and forth. Historically this is true. Take a look at invention and use of the Internet for instance. Novelty soon became scientific object. Then somebody thought of making viruses to interfere with its function. This then necessitated the discovery of virus protection. Invention becomes concept, concept necessitates invention.  “Reciprocity.”

Gendlin continues: "Nature and the Universe and your own situation and this moment - those things don't have UNITS already. These things don’t come in units.” He takes himself as an example - sitting on the podium. If somebody would need to say 3 things about him - they would be able to make 3 units (for instance - his wisdom, humour, looks). Or if you had to, you could say 7 things about Gene. (smart, funny, academic, good listener, kind, professor.) But Gene does not COME in 3 things or 7 parts. Nothing living comes in already defined units. This is his POINT - you don’t come divided into units. Units are made out of who you are - your living.

Then he talks about “ORDER”. Scientific units operate by an order we are familiar with that can be understood, classified, ranked and organized. "Life Process" is about a different kind of order. Although LIFE process does not come in an "order" that could be immediately understood/classified, IT has a very intricate and stubborn order. This order is not well understood if "understand" means to classify it into units. When we can not understand it in a unit kind of order - then we say it can not be understood.

It is more tacit. If you sense your "living" you will find that it is very orderly there. You also know when it gets OUT of order! When you focus - you are searching for that order. You try to bring something in - it does not fit - you try to find something else - trying what would be right. This order can feel very stubborn and precise. It is more precise than the first 5 things you tried. Like the felt sense - IT knows and YOU don't and you keep trying and then when you get it - you say ahhhh. When you get "aahhh" you know that it fits in a very orderly, fascinating, generative and intricate fashion.