This DVD is the 5th production on Gene's FISS appearances - called "..." something - with Gene". Each one follows the similar protocol of FISS time and surroundings, and each one has different content. Some have besides "questions and answers" and Gene's chosen topics also a Focusing sessions or two, that are always sought after from teachers.  Gene's "chosen" topics are always different. FISS was the event for instance where he first presented his "The Town and Human attention" several years ago before it made its way to TFI webpage. I feel that FISS is the place where Gene has an opportunity to publicly display the evolution of his psyche and philosophical formulations. And there is always something fresh and new.

There are several things different about this DVD - regarding Gene's points and regarding my production. After working on it for good three plus weeks, I am very happy with it and I think it illuminates several important point Gene made.

In production of it, I put his second part (philosophical) of presentation first and the questions and answer, which he usually does at the beginning,  as second part. It just felt creatively right way to approach it. His philosophical presentation is on Body, Science, Why Focusing works especially works in many different fields, and he brings 4 different "principles" about Focusing and his philosophy in general. Something new that he did with these, that I haven't heard him do before - after he finished one topic, he asked the audience to tell him what did they heard him say. He did it four or five time during this first part. Now you know from your personal experience how that goes in the big, beautiful and acoustically challenging hall at Garrison. Some people believe their voice is strong enough to speak without the mike - it is not. Some people use the mike to gesticulate with rather than to speak into it - not good. Basically these answers were technically not usable. Yet one of the principles he is talking about is "you don't know what you said until you hear somebody tell you what they heard you say".

I searched my editing soul, and decided to honour his request and be the one who reflects what he said. So I made my production somewhat more difficult and complicated for me, but it turned out well as far as I can judge from my own point of view. In the 3 or 4 places I reflect what he said and add some visual examples of my understanding of the concept he is presenting. The point of this is for the viewer to hear what he said from a different person and another point is that with my visuals I attempted to simplify something that might otherwise stay academically sound but lost in words.

From questions and answers I chose first those that had decent sound and person speaking was mostly visible. There were some very, very interesting questions regard; practical issues (how to teach Listening at a uni class of over 200 students in Japan), philosophical ( symbol, symbolization not being representation of, but carries life forward), cultural, spiritual, research and many others.

Another piece from the production side - I decided to include at the end a lot of photographs from different activities of FISS. We all agreed that this year FISS was better than any other year, partly it was a very lively and interested group of people with many "repeaters" and partly due to teaching/managing team's refined sense of balance and collaboration.  This "fun" addition at the end has two intentions - for people who were present a great souvenir, for people who want to get a "feel" for what FISS is about, to get a good taste and come to 2011.