This might not be what Gene or Aristotle had in mind, but the way it crossed in me and creatively expressed itself:

Universe is endless, infinite. What grabbed me from Gene's presentation is a deeper understanding - it has for me a quality of mystical.

We make concepts and stick to them as if they have all the truth in them. Yet they were noticed by somebody and explicated from this endless reality that we live in. Gene says they are shadows of reality. So many concepts are somewhat framed bit of universe - that does not represent all of what it actually is or where it comes from, but just its shadow.

These "shadows", patterns and concepts become powerful "truths" that govern our life and our activities. (Reference to "Graph paper" and "Neurology"). Yet underneath them is this living never-ending universe and the concept is just a little bit of it expressed in our own limited understanding.

On the other hand, if nothing is framed, we would not have the tools that concepts give us to have our living organized, protected, productive, etc. We wouldn't even have solid scientific base to make the computers on which we discuss this endless reality!

A paradox!!!? A paradox is a promise not a hurdle.

What I hear Gene says in this clip is - you don't have to pick one or the other - you actually can not.

He offers another view - realize that once you have a concept, you can use it beneficially, but don't give up on thinking about yourself or the world around you or universe by limiting yourself to identifying only with the concepts (= you are not Neurology). Neither DO NOT - not use concepts because they are important tools for good living.

Gendlin says:

"When you put up a pattern, just about any pattern, then the things, how they really are, casts a profile, a shadow, on your pattern. So that what comes on your pattern really is that thing's profile, that thing's shadow. And yet it is still only that thing's shadow on your pattern."

In my clip I used beautiful transparent Adriatic Sea water to visually symbolize this rich universe. Then when the pattern is put on it - inside the pattern - only that what pattern frames is visible in it. (I left the moving water be in motion first). The universe (sea) below is still alive, connected, rich and endless, but we have in our pattern only that what pattern can hold (or what we explicated from). The end of the visual clip - we (some of us, certain philosophical positions) tend to freeze the concept and in this way our ability to stay connected to more of what the universe offers via such rich concept - freezes. (The previously moving water is now still image).

On the positive side - we explicated from that rich endless reality a small piece that is helpful and useful for our living and better understanding of reality. So the concept needs to be allowed to function on its own Gene says.

I think that there is also a message that is soooo Focusing!!! If you allow for universe below the pattern to stay alive - and in a felt sensing way connect to it and allow it to give you more - your pattern can change and be growing and feeding and expanding.