Some 10-12 years ago, long before my creative adventure in video productions, armed with my first little camera, I had an idea to save Ed Mc Mahon's and Pete Campbell's presentation of Focusing, offered in Mississuaga, Ontario. Enthused by their workshop, when I got home I decided to "format" a bit my - zig-zaged-zoomed to death - footage and add some popular music, whose lyrics supported my creative felt senses (like the Beatles, Peter Gabriel, Paul Simon, Sting … and other greats of entertainment!). As a thank you to the Toronto organizing team, I sent one copy to Lucy Bowers. A couple of months later I found on my answering machine Lucy's message saying: "Nada, whatever you do, don't ever give up on this work … it is brilliant and please continue with it whatever it takes". Thank you Lucy!

That came out of the blue for me. What I did was very meaningful to me, but I didn't expect such an enthusiastic response. This encouragement sent me on the way to a new career. At that time I didn't have the proper tools or knowledge yet, but felt a pull to explore and develop. The first big bump came from request for music copyrights - the "great ones" didn't even answer my letters! That sent me on the road to independence.

After another workshop I collected enough footage to start with my very first serious Video Production - The Body's Search for Spirit. I still remember the initial viewing of BSS #1 - Ed was immediately enthusiastic about it. Pete needed reassurance - would people receive their message in this format? Does it need more standard academic delivery? Is my creative felt sensed response to their message enhancing or hindering the message from spreading? We took a test - again in Mississauga with 10 Facilitators (trainers). The enthusiasm and approval was undisputed. This was the birth of BSS #1. It was also the birth of my resolution to produce Focusing videotapes for the Focusing Community. I made a conscious choice to restrict my work to Focusing related productions, which narrowed down outreach, but opened up incredible depths of wisdom.

With the collaboration of Ed and Pete, I followed them to several 6 Day workshops, to gather enough material to get the whole module. These 4 tapes were produced around 1994, and so far have been more popular than many of my other productions.

Indeed, this series became a Classic of BioSpiritual Focusing. They are still being sought after and cherished by many. People often call me and ask something like this - "You know the tape with the story about the baby - hawk? Can you please send it to me?" At the International in Asilomar, a few years ago, Ed and Pete were amazed by the number of people they didn't know, who approached them, because they recognized them from watching the tapes.

What is so special about these tapes?

Both Ed and Pete are wonderful story tellers. They deliver their message through anecdotes, accounts, life experiences, stories. Many people really like that. They can absorb the message through a different channel. There is also a sense of sound academic research behind their accounts. Their spiritual training as priests and psychological training as therapists, gives their message a solid credibility. Many years of experience teaching Focusing is palpable in their delivery. The spiritual aspects of focusing are clearly examined and applied in such a way that it has helped numerous people to discover healthy spirituality and liberate themselves from damaging religious hang-ups.

BSS# 1 and BSS# 2 have a global application. In simple terms they crystallize the meaning of a "felt sense". The BioSpiritual Focusing Steps are explained and highlighted by many stories and charts. Special emphasis has been given to Pete's and Ed's trademark contribution to Focusing, the introduction of "Caring - Feeling Presence". Exercises are designed to experientially follow theoretical topics. These tapes are used as teaching tools by many Focusing teachers including myself for the Introductory and Advanced workshops.

BSS# 3 and BSS# 4 are deeply rooted in the search and research of Spirituality and Focusing, particularly within the Judeo-Christian tradition. A movement in the Focusing process - the "felt- shift", Ed and Pete identify as a Gift. They expand on Dr. Gene Gendlin's idea of "holding and letting" the felt sense, by translating it into the spiritual attitude of "Making A Space for Grace". Grace, they validate, is not only a theological idea, but can be experienced and felt in the body. A "Process Skipping Structure" is also closely examined and viewed in the context of many Addictions. Pete and Ed show how process skipping structures creep into social and political fabric of our lives.

"The Institute for BioSpiritual Research made a contribution from the Louis J. Wyrsch, Jr. Memorial Fund to help defray the expense of a video transfer with the hope that DVD format will facilitate the use of this product as a teaching aid.