Fr. Ed Mc Mahon explains it this way:

"If we stop pushing away the truth of ourselves but embrace it instead - you connect - your body connects with a larger BODY. Our consciousness is not apart from that. We know we are a part of some larger BODY, some larger organism, some larger process happening and when we connect there are 2 resources in that BODY - which we name in all different traditions, philosophies - for millennia.

One is that there is Energy in that BODY - we connect with that energy and suddenly we feel invigorated, as if somebody pumped gas into us and now the motor can run. Something happens, we feel life force. In Christianity we call that GRACE. We have a lot of theology written about the Body of Christ, no Salvation outside that, St. Paul's writings, on and on and on about being plugged into this energy.

And there is the second thing in there - Information. There is consciousness that comes from it to us of how we can live in harmony, of what the direction of life is all about, of how when we destroy other people and environment that we are destroying our own bodies because we are the living cells of this BODY. This kind of consciousness and connection to all this - in Christianity we call it REVELATION. Other religions have other names ....This is vital - we can not have connection to this larger BODY unless we have connection with our own body."

From "The Body's Search for Spirit" DVD

Are there spiritual dimensions to Focusing? I would like to say there can be. I say "can be", because there seems to be an inner readiness to RECOGNIZE this dimension rather than to invent it. There has been a very remarkable direction of Focusing, which developed almost concurrently with the main therapeutic direction some years ago. 

When we enter into something that is real in ourselves - the truth of ourselves - via felt sense, with respect and "caring feeling presence", with no intention to change, fix, or manipulate or push it away, but dwell in the truth of oneself however difficult it might seem - something happens, something changes ("carries forward"). The change that happens is not produced by ourselves or by the therapist/listener, but that change COMES to us. It is often surprising, unexpected, fresh and new.  For a believer this is how GRACE feels in our own body. By allowing that what needs our attention to just be as it is - we leave "space for grace" to come.