FOCUSING AND DREAMS Once you learn how to hold the dream in a focusing way, the felt sense will give you support, interpretation and the next step for carrying forward your situation.

FOCUSING LISTENING AND ART OF TAE NEGOTIATING We meet daily with interpersonal situations that need clarification, cooperation, negotiation and resolution. Conflict is an opportunity for healthy growth and deepening understanding of oneself and others. You want to be heard and understood your felt sense is the key! 

There are ways of doing more than listening, but they aren't "more" if you do them without first listening!

PHILOSOPHY OF THE IMPLICIT To familiarize yourself with some concepts from this Philosophy will illuminate why Focusing and TAE work.

TAE CLEAR COMMUNICATING This particularly innovative approach is learning how to incorporate your felt sense, and the felt sense of those you are interacting with, into resolutions. Since your meaning is forming from your felt sense, language that will be able to communicate your message shapes gradually and organically and authentically.