When  I feel an unease because there is a lack of clarity about something in my life , I know I need to attend in a special way to something  that is there somewhere and it is not here yet. This sense of a situation is equally present in seemingly minor issues like forgetting to water your garden or in a big like deciding to change your job. I am thinking about it and feeling my emotions. That is how many of us resolve such living episodes.

What I am experiencing  has a quality of wanting to be clearer and wanting to go forward. I learned to be with it a different way. I attend to this “something” at a different level. This level is called “felt sense”.  This is where the change can happen. Everybody has naturally the felt sense level, but most don’t know about it or how to relate to it at will.  To connect to the felt sense requires certain skills and pathways of inner work. These skills and pathways are called FOCUSING.

If you are interested to learn how I’ll be happy to guide you and teach you how to use this wonderful practice.

You can start with some personal Focusing sessions, or if you are already familiar with some of this practice, you can sign up for Focusing levels training for Certification.