DVDs featuring expert


A Focusing Approach to Life-changing Illness

     Joan Klagsbrun

Facilitating Self-in-Presence Ann Weiser Cornell

FOAT Focusing-oriented Art Therapy

     Laury Rappaport

Focusing Teachers K.McGuire Bouwman,

       Friedman, Weiser Cornell,

       Lee ,Liejesen, McMahon, Campbell

Focusing with Pain  Lesley Wilson

FOT Focusing Oriented Therapists

     Whalen, Fleisch, Krycka, Preston,

       Klagsbrun, Grindler Katonah, Lee, Jaison

How I teach Focusing Bebe Simon

Interactive Focusing Mary McGuire & Janet Klein

On Three Modes of Focusing/Experiencing Scales

Akira Ikemi

Presence, Existence and Space Akira Ikemi

The Power of Listening Ann Weiser Cornell

Wholebody Focusing Kevin McEvenue

DVDs featuring


Children Focusing- being seriously playful

René Veugelers

Focusing Interactive Pausing LIVE in class

Derek McDonnell

Focusing Interactive Pausing Teacher

Derek mc Donnell   Tadhg O’Lionaird

Focusing with Children in the Family 

Marianne Thompson

Fostering Focusing Derek McDonnell

Focusing with Children BioSpiritual