In this two-part DVD, you will have the opportunity not only to follow the Thinking at the Edge practice step by step, but to hear many of The Philosophy of the Implicit concepts explained by its creator and originator Dr. Gene Gendlin in refined and accessible ways.

The first DVD moves you through the "Speaking from the felt sense" and "Finding the patterns" steps. The second takes you through "Open Logic, Concepts and Theory building from experience".

Nada had a role in teaching the steps during this workshop. Gene took an opportunity to DO his own process. It is the most fascinating and instructive aspect of this series - we see his thinking evolving on the spot as he uses the TAE steps to carry forward his own process - a living example of philosophy applied in a philosopher's real life!

Satisfying to anyone, this series provides a way for viewers to engage with new and exciting concepts and points the way to how they can be used to generate further fresh thinking from experiencing.

Those already familiar with Gendlin's language through his philosophical works will find these concepts discussed and explained through conversation and lively exchanges. Some key concepts include: "Implying and Occurring", "Patterns and Space", "Felt Sense/Direct Referent", "Relationship between the logical closed and experiential open Theory", "Reversal" , IOFI", "How body creates Language", "Inherency", "Deriving", "Thinking from the organism" and many others.

Increasingly there has been a great interest in Genlin’s philosophy, his writings, and two Philosophical practices; Focusing and TAE. 

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Thinking Freshly from Experiencing

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