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"You need to stand again in your own experiencing … in your own felt ongoingness, which is that intricate complexity inside of life … to put into the world what hasn't been said yet that you are carrying from your particular experience."

DVD 2 discs 235 min

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These two DVDs have been directed and edited to illustrate each of the fourteen steps, in order. There are several illustrations of steps in chronological order. DVDs are narrated by Mary Hendricks, Ph.D., director of The Focusing Institute.

Viewing this DVDs, should help people actually do the steps themselves. Each step is written on the screen and there are other visual aids to help viewers keep track of which step they are seeing. We recommend this set of two DVDs as an accessible introduction to TAE. see resources

TAE is the second practice developed out of Gendlin's Philosophy of the Implicit. The first one is Focusing and familiarity with Focusing is assumed for TAE. Thinking at the Edge consists of 14 Steps that help people think from their felt sense of implicit knowing and generate fresh language and fresh concepts.

TAE is a way of articulating, of finding new language to say something that you have known and have not been able communicate. The steps help break the "public language barrier" so that the source of one's own thinking can be found.

People, even most intellectuals, believe that they cannot think from experience! They are trained to find what fits the public discourse. There is the deep significance in showing people that THEY COULD THINK out of their own experience.

Theory begins in a little nucleus. Put something that you have experienced in the centre, instead of starting with a concept and you will see that we can build a theory infinitely more exciting. And, by pursuing implicit meanings, one can arrive where logic would never lead.

The first DVD will take you from steps 1-9 and you will see them demonstrated with a variety of people. The second DVD will pick up at 10 - 14 with the Theory building steps. You will see them demonstrated with several people.