Through his warm presence and comfortable style, Dr Gendlin communicates the intricacy of his wisdom in a clear and entertaining manner

He takes questions from the audience and answers them from the depth of his own learning and experience:

-How is Focusing used to promote peace in the world?
-What about Group Focusing and Group Felt Shifts?
-Do neuro pathways change through Focusing?
-Attachment problems with adopted children and Garry Prouty's work in this field.
-Do cultural differences matter in Focusing?
-Why "public language" cannot say what comes freshly from the felt sense.
-Focusing and Healing.

In a second section,Dr. Gendlin speaks about several important topics that he has passionate views about :

-He speaks about the pressures that are always a part of group dynamics and organizations.
- An important distinction between Focusing and Teaching Focusing is elaborated and enriched by examples.
- Beautiful stories about "Focusing in Afghanistan" are enhanced by photos, music. Profound insights will bring the viewer closer to the experience of the rich work being done in this troubled part of the world.

In a final section, you get closer to "Gendlin the Philosopher." He lays out his basic philosophical principles, and how Focusing fits within a philosophical framework, ending with the convincing statement:

1 DVD 90 min.

FISS 2007

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