1 DVD110 min.

FISS 2013

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This DVD is a collection of clips from various 

Nada Lou Productions of Dr. Gendlin’s work.

It was presented to the participants of Focusing Institute Summer School - FISS 2013

By popular demand this collection is now available

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Clips from:

Coming Home through Focusing 1998 Production

Carrying Forward with Gene FISS 2010

Why Focusing Works Address from The First FOT Conference 2009

A Communiqué to Focusers in Japan

Coming Home through Focusing Philosophy 1998 Production Thinking Freshly From Experiencing 2006

Carrying Forward with Gene FISS 2010 Culture, I don’t know? 

A Day With Gene FISS 2006 THE TOWN

"Through Focusing you find Hope. I have no doubt about that."