5 DVD   8 hours 15 min.

The subject matter shown in this series was presented by Dr. Gendlin under the title of "Thinking at the Edge", in NY, June 12 - 15, 1998. This was the first time Dr. Gendlin offered this new Philosophical practice to the group of Focusers. The philosophical principles that Dr. Gendlin presents have been carried forward through many decades of his work and thought. TAE practice and proposed 9 steps in this series is the original inception to develop and refine this new Philosophical practice. 

The following 5 subsequent presentation by Dr. Gendlin are captured on two more DVD series “TAE in 14 steps” (2002)  and “Thinking freshly from experiencing” (2006). From this humble but profound beginning  the organization of this practice evolved in depth and formation. 

TAE offers a way to think freshly yet precisely by combining the power of logic with the wisdom of intuitive, bodily -experienced knowing.TAE provides tools to listen to and bring this knowing to life.

DVD One and TWO  93 min., 90 min.

On these DVDs Dr. Gendlin explains the philosophical model and theoretical background about “Thinking at the Edge". He teaches the 9-step process and demonstrates, with several people, how to apply the terminology at different points in this process of building theory grounded in experience.

DVD Three  106 min 

Dr. Gendlin continues teaching and discussing theory building. This is followed by 2 comprehensive and continuous demonstrations of experiential process of TAE.

DVD Four 101 min

Subtitled "Focusing and Theory building demonstrations", Dr Gendlin guides seven people through different points in the process. These demonstrations vary, including guiding a novice focuser's first exploration of what is known implicitly as well as more elaborate theory building.

DVD Five  91 min

"Gene's Gems from TAE"

Relating to such topics as: safety in focusing, Process Model, philosophical models, articulating from a felt sense, what philosophy is good for...; are explored and reflected on in "Gene's Gems from TAE". The following collection of "Gems" are presented:

1....make yourself a safety there...2..."safety"...public<word>personal...3...every organism is different...  4...dip into Process Model .. an application...5...a body that IS an interaction...6...what Philosophy is good for... 7...more about different models... 8...lots of theories is better than one...9...there is a kind of validity... 10...the infinity comes through...11...any articulation from a felt sense

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