Dr.GENDLIN introduces Focusing and gives a demonstration by working with one person on her process. References are indicated on the screen to the Focusing Steps as described in the Focusing book.  Dr. Gendlin also introduces "partnership" which is then demonstrated by two participants.

Mary HENDRICKS Ph.D. opens this presentation by giving an authentic profile of the initial thought, development and naming of "Focusing".


You will find on this DVDs information that is clear and helpful for long time Focusers as well as for those who have never heard about Focusing.

  1. -simple enough for the beginner,

  2. -non-threatening for ordinary people / not just a therapeutic model,

  3. -practical for a new Focusing teacher to use as a teaching tool,

  4. -thorough for the advanced Focuser to encounter fine nuances,

  5. -varied so that one can select preferred styles,

  6. -credible to make a mark in the academic world,

  7. -authentic through showing experiential demonstration.

Focusing is a mode of inward bodily attention that is not yet known to most people. It differs from the usual attention we pay to feelings because it begins with the body and occurs in the zone between the conscious and the unconscious. Most people don't know that a bodily sense of any topic can be invited to come in that zone, and that one can enter into such a sense. At first it is only a vague discomfort, but soon it becomes a distinct sense with which one can work. Small steps of change emerge directly from this bodily sense.

Eugene T. Gendlin Ph.D. University of Chicago

For his development of Experiential Psychology, he was chosen four times by the Psychotherapy Division of the APA as "Distinguished Professional Psychologist of the year" Award. He is widely known and his numerous books have been translated into many languages 

1 DVD 120 min.

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Introducing Focusing 1 minhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BHO84URSKp8&feature=player_embeddedhttp://www.focusing.org/multimedia/mm_introducing_focusing.htmshapeimage_5_link_0

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FOCUSING with Eugene T. Gendlin 12:24