This DVD is a continuation of sharing and learning with Dr. Gendlin at the fourth annual FISS 

Dr. Gendlin offers participants the opportunity to ask questions about many, different topics. There are always more and wider subject matters that participant raise, often deeply philosophical, generally practical, and widely applicable in many areas of work and daily life.

Gene's grounded presence, warm attention, always nearby sense of humour and genuine human touch bring new energy to viewers and participants of a vision shared by many.

Topics like:

- Near death experience and felt sense;

  1. -Youth, Football, Warriors and Felt Sense;

  2. -Understanding and misinterpretation of the Philosophical   principle of "Interaction First";

- Felt sense and Addictions;

- Focusing and Meditation practices;

- Focusing and Action Steps; and many more.

Gene also passionately offers guidance and options to the Focusing Community about the ways of bringing Focusing to countless social groups and organizations.

1 DVD 72 min.

US $ 45 shipping included

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