This DVD is an excellent basic introduction to Focusing. One could utilize it as exceptionally useful means to initiate individuals and groups into Focusing, a teaching medium and a gift to people you would like to tell what Focusing is about.

On this DVD you will see Paul Huschilt, MC, who set the mood for a lively and educational afternoon by his beautiful tenor voice. He expertly introduces each speaker.

Joan Klagsbrun and Mary Mc Guire give a very simple, but powerful presentation about, basic principles, many guidelines and the historical background of focusing. They each lead the group through several experiential exercises, finding the felt sense and focusing attitude.

Gene Gendlin, in his graceful and skilled manner shares his wisdom about felt sense, what it is and what it isn't, how to find it and how to recognize it. Gene also answers many questions that seem to be typically asked by most beginners.

Mary Hendricks gives an overview about the function of the Focusing Institute, importance and availability of Partnership Program for those who want to explore more.

A lively atmosphere of the event held at a New York City Y can be felt. In an audience of nearly 200 people the mood is vibrant with a sense of fun and exploration. Echo of reactions, even occasional sounds of bustling New York City traffic sirens in the background, make this material an animated, warm, learning experience.

Paul Hushilt

Joan Klagsbrun Ph.D.

Mary McGuire Ph. D.

Mary Hendricks Ph.D.

1 DVD 84 min

US $ 45 shipping included