DVD 2 disks 187 min

DVD # 1 As always Dr. Gendlin offers first a question period to participants. Topics chosen and discussed were moving and stimulating: How can I continue to live with the feeling I have with this group; Research results about Focusing alone or with a partner; Action steps; How Focusing is related to Client Centered Therapy; How to introduce someone new to Focusing; Conflict resolution; Being with the inner child; The misuse of Focusing; Focusing in a Spiritual context; Sense of Self; What is Body from the inside; Language - discursive and metaphorical.

A spontaneous Focusing session with a beginner Focuser follows the question period. This session is presented in Real Time and provides the opportunity to notice how small steps of Focusing evolve. The session is followed by a lively discussion that includes comments and observations.


DVD # 2 Disk two starts with an extensive presentation on how "Philosophy shifts the whole ground." In this animated and profound address, Dr. Gendlin engages in many topics such as: Language; Body in the situation; Philosophical controversies; The importance of both Science and the First person science.

Using several points to illustrate each topic, lively conversations, comments and questions emerged.

This set of 2 DVDs brings a wide variety of topics and a wealth of Dr. Gendlin's wisdom, through his interaction with participants at the third annual Focusing Institute Summer School (FISS) 2008 at Garrison NY.






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