2 DVD 210 min.

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Disc ONE

In “Searching and Finding”, through question and answer exchanges, new insights unfold about topics such as; relationship with fear; how is not knowing not blank; working with PTSD; The Critic; advantages and disadvantages of Focusing Steps; Gendlin’s relationship with Carl Rogers and many more.

“Implicit Intricacy" provides a rich exploration of the murky zone of the felt sense, focusing, language, TAE and the influence it is making in the world: this is philosophy of the implicit challenges the way we think about everyday reality and experience.

“Little points” invites focusers to reflect on and refine their focusing practices, including a section on 'do's and don'ts'. Topics here include: feelings; action steps; groups; you are not neurology; focusing in service of humanity. Gene emphasizes the importance of small steps, little points'. Disc ONE ends with a beautiful reflection about “the person inside.”

Disc TWO

“The Town and Interhuman Attention” throws light on the major shifts in human evolution and global changes that we are witnessing and participating in. Dr. Gendlin points to a major shift in human development which he calls Interhuman Attention. Included here is FOCUSING which facilities people to think freshly from their own situations. By paying attention to each other, humans need not be constrained by existing categories or concepts; new ways of being come from here. These are topics close to Gene's heart and he provides vivid examples from different countries to illustrate his ideas. Following a short introduction about the focusing process, there are two absorbing Focusing Sessions which can be witnessed in real time. Each session is followed by a discussion and a rich exchange of ideas that flowed from the interaction between Gene and the FISS participants.

Recorded at the first FISS 2006, “A Day With Gene” gives you the opportunity to enjoy Gene's company as he explores, in his inimitable style, a wide range of themes on focusing, TAE and Philosophy of the Implicit in an engaging, accessible and interactive way. “A Day With Gene” provides a way to re-connect with the profound wisdom of focusing.